Uni Assignment Design Proposal

Uni Assignment Design Proposal

Posted on 09 June 2012

I finally finished all of my uni assignments for the semester this week. One assignment I am particularly happy about is a design proposal and prototype I had to create for an iPad magazine for the QUT fashion student’s magazine; Frock Paper Scissors.

Instead of submitting the proposal as a plain old printed document, I decided to create a small single page website. Using images from the Frock Paper Scissors website, I managed to make a pretty good looking site. The content isn’t awesome (like most uni students, I left it until the last minute), but I am really happy with the design.

You can view it here. Do note that it is REALLY unoptimised and uses absolutely massive images, so It will take a while to load. Wait until it’s finished loading before scrolling for the best experience. Let me know what you think!

The Prototype

Also, you can view the prototype here. This will only work on webkit browsers as far as I know. It works pretty great on an iPad, as intended. It also only works in landscape mode.