New Job

Posted on 23 June 2012

Last week I applied for a job due to only having two subjects at uni this semester. After getting an interview the next day, and coming in for a short trial after that, I am quite happy to say that I am now a full time front-end web developer at DMDN. Everyone there is really friendly and the studio itself is awesome. I’m doing some pretty cool stuff with javascript (predominantly animated things), along with html and css (I also managed to convert the other front-end dev I am working with to LESS).

While I am loving it here, the downside is that I can not do freelance work, both due to time and contractual reasons. I will be finishing a few smaller jobs in the next couple of weeks and post them on here, but after that It will just be uni work and small (mostly open-source) side-projects that I post on here for the foreseeable future.