Hi, I’m Tom and I’m a professional software engineer.

I love to build rich web and mobile apps, and software with a focus on user experience, quality, & maintainability. I’ve worked as a professional software engineer since 2012, and have experience with many patterns, languages, tools & systems.

In my own time I like to work with functional programming, type systems, 3D graphics, emulation, and more. I’m a big fan of the OCaml programming language. I’m a huge music enthusiast and you’ll likely find me at a concert every week or so. I also love film & digital photography—you can see some of my work on my Flickr account.

At Spotify in New York, I built the Spotify Stations Web Player (including its sunset experience), a seamless webview experience for like-native marketing campaigns within the iOS client, internal tooling for non-technical staff, data pipelines and more.

At Black Milk Clothing in Brisbane Australia, I built a faceted-search interface using React & Elasticsearch that integrated with their Shopify storefront. I also worked a social media image scraper for Black Milk Clothing’s products, and a Shopify-integrated order management, inventory management & reporting system.

I am not currently looking for a new role.